Thank you Fiona!

We are so grateful to Fiona for the beautiful ceremony she crafted for our special day. Fiona is kind, dedicated and professional, and she was a great support from the day of our first meeting. I immediately knew she was the right celebrant for us from our very first FaceTime. Fiona dotted every I and crossed every T, making the whole process seamless.
Anyone can see Fiona genuinely loves love and it shines through the unique and personalised ceremonies she creates. We had so many guests compliment us on the ceremony and Fiona’s professionalism and warm persona, she brought our vision to life.

Fiona was also my hair artist, and my bridesmaids hair artist the morning of our wedding. She was more than happy in the lead up to do 2 hair trials with me to help me find the perfect do, to realise my vision. Fiona was such a calming presence throughout our wedding preparation and on the day. I would highly recommend her services. Thank you Fiona, for calming my nerves, the kind words and the amazing experience you created.

Mr and Mrs Reid x

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