Jennifer and Brody

Fiona Rogers is Honestly Amazing, i was so Extremely lucky to have her be apart of our Special day, she is so talented and you can see how much she loves what she does, she is so lovely and makes you feel amazing and claim the whole day.I was so Extremely lucky to have her be apart of our wedding day and I was so Extremely lucky to also have her as my make-up and Hair Artist too aswell as my Celebrant as she was with me the whole day even after the ceremony making sure my bridesmaids and myself Hairs and Makeup was still perfect for photos before leaving. I honestly Couldn’t imagine anyone else I would want other fiona to be there doing all of this she did as she truly was incredible. You would be so extremely lucky to have her On your special day as I know I was.Thank you Fiona for making our special day just that little be extra special

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